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Comparison of revenues and expenses of isurance funds. In fact, not all the taxable revenues are base assessments, for example revenues from the agreement concerning the job performance, jubilee benefit, in-work emergency fund payment, severance pay, retirement benefit, sebobalance 24h anti aging fluidnow fund sebobalance 24h anti aging fluidnow.

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On the other hand, profit sharing is included in assessments even though they are not taxable. There is no highest possible base of assessment set for an accident insurance.

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A retired person beneficiary of old age pension or early sebobalance 24h anti aging fluidnow pension does not pay either invalidity insurance or unemployment insurance A retired person beneficiary of old age pension or early age pension does not pay either invalidity insurance or unemployment insurance.

These levies are not even paid for him by the employer. Not all the free lancers have the compulsory insurance.

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Only half of the people, registered as free lancers in tax office, are obliged to pay insurance to Social Insurance. These payments depends on the their revenue earned in the previous year.

A retired entrepreneur does not pay invalidity insurance.

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This means that this amount has to be paid to Social Insurance every month also by the freelancer who had a higher turnover but in total made a loss or reached a symbolic tax base; this also applies when he or she pays the insurance as an employee. The social insurance is not paid from profit shares, bonuses paid by the owners of commercial companies, associations or members of statutory authorities as well as from the bonus for a Member of Parliament who is not being vacated from his legislative role, capital revenues e.

Compulsory system will stop being meritorious and will become fully solidarity.

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Existing benefits from social insurance will be replaced by a state social benefit set at the amount of minimum living wage. Special benefits will be paid to mothers with small children an alternative to existing maternity leave and parental contribution and invalids an alternative to invalidity pension and other existing social contributions provided Base of the assessment for levy bonus payment will be the same as the tax base of the employee.

In gross income of the employee all taxable revenues will be included. A gross income of the employee will be increased by all the levies previously paid by the employer excluding guarantee and accidental insurance. The base for metode de îndepărtare a pliurilor nazolabiale calculation and solidarity levy will represent new gross income including an amount of levy bonus state social contributionswhich belongs to the employee and his family.

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The base assessment of the freelancer will be the same as the tax base. It means that it will be an income lowered by legitimate expenses levies will not be considered as legitimate tax expenses. The amount of levy bonus will then be added to state social benefits and it will belong to the freelancer and his family.

Concerning solidary levy calculation the base assessment will be limited. It can only go up to 10 times the minimum wage. The highest possible amount for solidary levy that can be paid by the citizen per year will be approximately 2.

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If somebody has an income as an employee and as a freelancer at the same time, he or she will pay solidarity levy only once from the total base assessments. The lowest possible base assessments will not exist.

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The solidarity levy will be paid from all the revenues and all existing exceptions will be cancelled. The solidarity levy will be paid from all taxable incomes; this includes salaries of statutory authorities, bonuses of active partners, executive directors, from interests, occasional incomes, rent incomes or royalties. Base assessment will include profit sharing paid to personal entities. In principal a following rule for calculation of benefits is used: the higher the levies the higher benefits and vice versa.

The system of social insurance consists of various funds but in reality it is only a smokes screen — every year the money from the surplus funds go to deficit funds.

ANNALS Vol.10, nr.2 (12), 2010 Fulltext

Implementation of the solidarity levy the role of existing social insurance will change a great deal. Solidarity levy says in its name that the meritorious-ness will not be present any more.

In case of loss or no incomes, every citizen older than 15 years will be entitled to receive social benefits. The system with the only levy and simple rules will replace the existing complicated system of many funds and chaotic rates.

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There would be a possibility for the citizens to insure themselves against inability to work or loss of work with additional comercial insurance, voluntary sickness insurance and unemployment insurance should be preserved. The basic social security will be guaranteed by the state social benefit.

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Therefore the rates of voluntary insurance will be lower than the existing ones. Korimová, G. Basic values of modern social state.

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Assumptions for social economy. Banská Bystrica: Univerzity of Matej Bel, ISBN: 4. Scial policy.

Cosmetică și parfumuri, Серия 212 VIP

ISBN: 5. Basics of social security law. Bratislava: Prosperity, ISBN: 6.

Social security. ISBN: 7.

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Social policy. ŠEBO, J. Banská Bystrica: University of Matej Bel, ISBN: Summary This article we tried to discussed social welfare question in Slovak Republic in historical context of social policy development by analyzing existing conditions of social welfare after Slovakia. It brings a survey of basic terminology related to the topic: social policy and social welfare and the principles applied to social welfare through social insurance.

We deal with existing high levies going to the national budget and other problems with social funds usage and fulfillment.

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The main current problem for both the EU and each member state is making the calculation and analysis of complex issues arising from international economic crisis, towards identifying ways and tools useful for prevention or mitigation. Naturally, the return will not be uniform in all 27 Member States and will depend on financial and economic particularities of each country and meteorological factors.

However, the Commission believes that EU economic recession ended in the third quarter oflargely due to the exceptional measures for crisis imposed under the European economic recovery.

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Actual return will be more slowly, given the size and strength of the recession. Consumption also has not completely recovered. Although increases least, inflation is under control, partly due to wage stagnation. Medicine, economics, psychology, sociology, diplomacy, international relations, etc.