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Anti-aging men review

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It has also a high concentration in Linoleic Acid and Omega 6. Hypoallergenic and for all skin types, for both women and men.

All these anti-aging men review have multiple benefits for the skin such as : it hydrates and nourishes the skin in depth, it protects the skin against the free radicals the source of agingit prevents or reduces the appearance of wrinkles, it helps in the reduction of dark circles or spots and it closes the pores and gives the skin an uniform appearance and a smooth, fine texture. Direction for use : It is recommended for use as an anti-aging night serum, or under the day cream for a better protection against the free radicals.

Use a few drops in the morning or at night on the face, neck and décolletage and gently massage into the skin.

Categories: Preservatives Parabens are a group of controversial preservatives that include butylparaben, isobutylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben, and ethylparaben.

Directions for storage : Keep the Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil away from the light at a maximum 20 degrees Celsius temperature, due to its high concentration in fatty acids and anti-aging natural anti-oxidants.

It has an 18 months valability.

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I am not very fond of the scent but I can manage it knowing the benefits this oil can bring me. So if you are scent sensitive, be aware!

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I have used it mainly in the evening as a serum and it worked wonderfully. I pumped a few drops that I later massaged into the skin. The oil was very quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it very nourished and soft.

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Being such a concentrated oil it does leave an oily film on the skin. I also used it in the morning before the make-up, when my skin felt really, really dry several times.

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I left it some time to be absorbed into the skin, then I moved on to the make-up with a long-lasting non-oily base. My skin felt anti-aging men review lot better with this additional step.

Moroccan Essence Anti-Age Cactus Oil, info and review - Monica's beauty in five minutes

What I noticed on my skin : it became more hydrated, nourished and soft after using the oil. I did not see any change in my wrinkles or dark circles and it did not close my pores.

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It did give the skin a more uniform appearance by hydrating the dry areas and a smooth, fine texture. For my combination to oily skin, this oil works very well during the colder seasons, especially in the winter time. In the summer the oil is too much for my skin, which gets quite oily on its own.

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For a lady or gentleman with dry or very dry skin, this oil is a must all year long! It hydrates and nourishes the skin wonderfully!

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From me it gets a -A strong scent, an oily film on the skin — too much for a combination to oily skin, does not reduce the wrinkles or dark circles and a price that can be prohibitive.

Until next time, Love, M.

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