A History of The Use of Incense in Divine Worship

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An instance, more to the point than these, is the ceremonial use of flowers at funerals, and as an altar decoration. This came in just about the same time as the use of incense.

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It has been decided that, for legal purposes, flowers are only decorations, and their use not a ceremony within the meaning of the Acts of Uniformity ; but legal distinctions are proverbially fine, and in this case particularly so.

The Romans and other pagan nations used to scatter flowers and garlands over the graves of their departed friends : central lucens switzerland anti aging a monster like Nero found some- one to keep up the ancient custom for his benefit.

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So, too, they used to decorate their altars with flowers ; acta of St. Symphorian we read that the judge wished the saint to deck the altar with wreaths as well as to offer incense. But I do not find that the Christian writers, before the Peace of the Church, approved of the introduction of such practices, any more than they approved of the ceremonial use of black clothes at funerals and in mourning.

In the fourth century the use of flowers, both at funerals and as an altar decoration, came in ; but even then some had great reluctance in adopting this heathen custom.

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Ambrose, for instance, refrained from casting flowers on Valentine's grave, although he did not forbid others from doing so. Instead of the material perfume of the lilies, he says he poured on his spirit the odour of Christ.

A History of The Use of Incense in Divine Worship

Jerome, although he docs not condemn husbands who scattered violets, roses, lilies and crimson flowers on the graves of their wives, seems to think that Pammachius did much better by pouring the balsam of almsgiving over the body of Paulina. Flowers were used to decorate the walls of the churches in the fourth century : St. Jerome, St. Austin of Hippo, and others allude to the practice.

Ridurile de pe frunte: cum să scapi de ele în mod natural Riduri verticale pe frunte, Ridul vertical pe frunte, ceea ce înseamnă Dacă vă gândiți cu atenție la ceea ce a fost enumerat mai sus, puteți da seama de ce au apărut pliurile pe frunte. Trebuie să vă schimbați viața, să începeți să mâncați corect și să scăpați de problemele de sănătate pentru a reduce aceste pliuri și a le face mai puțin vizibile. În vârstă mai matură, ridurile frunții riduri verticale pe frunte în general acceptate. La urma urmei, pielea își pierde tonul și elasticitatea, țesuturile devin slabe și subțiri.

Later on, the altar itself was adorned with flowers. To-day the custom is almost universal.

We have assimilated this ceremonial use of flowers from the pagans : but I do not remember to have heard that any. AS one has objected to it on that score.

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The custom of scattering flowers on the graves of our friends is harmless and beautiful : like many another it is grossly abused at times, but it is generally recognised that such abuse is no reason against a temperate and well considered use of flowers.

And the same holds good for the custom of floral decorations in our churches.

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The point which concerns us here is that these cere- monies, derived from heathen sources, adopted at about the same time as incense and processional lights, are approved by the greater part of Christendom to-day.

Nevertheless, they were originally pagan customs : now hallowed, however, for Christian use by the Church. Surely a considerable amount of paganism encircles the keeping of Christmas Day! Enough has been said to show that the heathen origin of any Church custom cannot safely be made an argument against its use.

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Those who are interested in this matter should read Lancelot Andrewes on the use of ceremonies borrowed from heathen sources.